The Great White North and Winter won’t let go…

 What a wild and strange trip this tour has been! On paper, going into it, it looked like a disaster; Bass player quits after the Canadian paperwork is filed, New bass player has no passport, since it’s a 4 week tour and it’s last minute no bass players were able to help us out and so Tom and I struck out alone for Wausau, WI and all points north. Now with 2 1/2 weeks under our belts and light at the end of the tunnel starting to show, I can say that God has (once again, like always) blessed us tremendously! Starting in Minneapolis where we had our good friend Trent Boldt play bass with us, then on to Regina, SK where our new friend Jon Nichols was our bassist. In Edmonton Travis Switzer and Curtis Ebner shared the bass duties. Throw in a couple of acoustic duo dates between Tom and me and here we are in Livingston, MT, our old friend Calvin Johnson flys out to meet us and finish the tour and were almost pointed home! 

 I have to say a thing about club owners; As a professional musician for 20+ years, I’ve dealt with a lot of people, all kinds, but we are blessed by the number of club owners that we work with that are kind, helpful and considerate! If I try and name check them all I’ll miss someone and feel bad but I have to say something about an incredible act of kindness that Tom and I received a couple of days ago. We had just arrived in Livingston, MT for an acoustic show that night. We stopped for lunch and like I do sometimes, I checked us in on Facebook. At the end of our meal the waitress said “Your bill’s been taken care of.” Turns out our friend Lance at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls, SD had seen my check in and called the restaurant and paid our tab! Lance has had us play at his place 4 or 5 times and always works hard getting the word out and helping us reach new fans in his market and we’ve always thought highly of him for that but this gesture had Tom and me stunned for the rest of the day. Thanks Lance!! Also have to shout out to Cole Murphy at The Murray Bar in Livingston, MT for helping us fill in some gaps and for being a great supporter of us. Image


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