376496_10151192531441481_27150104_n 487284_10151192335716481_346693196_n 580638_10151192164281481_780403001_nChicago - 2011BG & Me - 2011Bernard Allison & Me - 2012Brooklyn - 2011Scott Holt Queens, NY 7:20:12_005 SH II Nashville - 2012Windsor - 2011New York - 2012


4 thoughts on “Images

  1. One of the above photos shows you playing Buddy’s black with white dots guitar … I haven’t seen him use that one in a long time. Is this one a duplicate, or if not, why doesn’t Buddy still use it?

  2. Glad to see you are still at it! Caught you twice in Yachats out here on the Oregon coast a few years ago. Knocked out both times! Try to book Eugene next time you are out here. I am following your tour dates and will bring friends. Gotta say I still consider your rendition of Little Wing the best I have heard. Love and happiness to you and your hard working band….

    All the best,
    James Lais

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